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Russell Brand has resigned from BBC Radio 2, following prank call remarks made to actor Andrew Sachs on Brand's radio programme.

Earlier, co-host Jonathan Ross - who had made prank calls to Sachs on his answerphone alongside Brand - was suspended from the BBC with Brand, and the pair's scheduled BBC Radio 2 programmes have been cancelled.

Despite Ross' public apology to Sachs and his granddaughter, Georgina Baillie, Brand took the decision to resign after he had taken: "complete responsibility for the incident."

Sachs, who played Manuel in the BBC comedy Fawlty Towers told the BBC News Channel: "I've received written apologies from both and I won't be taking police action."


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It was a very distasteful thing to do. I think Brand has done the right thing in resigning and taking full responsibility. I think because he has built his reputation on being controversial he'll be able to get more work with say... channel 4? haha.

Jonathan Ross has a lot more to lose and if im honest. His life is on the BBC with his chat show and various other projects like "Film 2008" i think its called. The BBC won't want to lose him either to be honest, he is a fun, recognisable face and he has prety much been the face of everything BBC for the past few years. So Brand resigning, BBC suspending Ross and giving him a slap on the wrist makes it look like they're taking a hard line, its win win for everyone i think. 

Update: As it turns out Mr. Brand is back on our screens sooner than I thought. Ponderland starts up again this Thursday.

Shame he's back on our screens. I thought we'd seen the last of that greasy, unhygienic, sex-obsessed animal who has the mental age of a five-year-old and that's not even Pete Doherty. Although I have seen Russell Brand's stand-up stuff and thought it was marginally better than his radio broadcasts and TV stuff, he's piss pot poor generally.

I don't know stu. I think he offers a bit of light relief, in small doses. His mind has been very much destroyed by drugs i think and hes very much a walking reminder to not take them. I think he's okay, keeps the balance as they say haha.

Yeah, to be fair the drugs have helped him lose his marbles a bit. It's just interesting to see if he always had a tendency in him to act a bit moronically? Although, I certainly have seen worse on television than him, i.e. Alan Carr. That man makes me cringe, firstly due to his voice and secondly due to that show he has on Channel 4.

If anyone has the time, try going onto the BBC iplayer and play "Film 2008". I tried this evening, but it appears that the content has already been retracted as a result of this suspension.

Evidently, this scenario has attracted what many call a "media furore". However, it's worth noting that the BBC only received two complaints in the time following the broadcast of the show. The complaints are now up to 18,000, which suggests that most of this attention has been press generated. Surely more than 2 people were listening to the show, in which case the question of "why weren't there more complaints at the time?" has to be asked. Coverage of the show in the following days must have helped to coax people into complaining.

I reckon these complaints have been generated by the same grandmothers that spend their time writing to Terry Wogan on "Points of View".

I think the way it works is that the complaints commission take the number of actual complaints and x that by 100 or something. Because they feel it gives a more accurate reflection of how many people were offended, we being British don't like to complain too much, what what.

So 18,000 complaints is 180,000 to them, or something like that. 

They reckon its 27,000 complaints now.

Brand resigns from Radio 2