The BBC is left devastated as it has been announced that there will be a high profile resignation...

by Russell Brand of Radio 2. No, just kidding, who really gives a...well quite.

The announcement really comes from the actor David Tennant, who has stated at last night's National Television Awards, that he will not reprise his role as the tenth doctor in the hit science fiction show, Doctor Who.

Tennant  insists that "this is all a long way off, of course. I’m not quitting, I’m back in January to film four special episodes which will take Doctor Who all the way through 2009. I’m still the Doctor all next year."

This however, is not enough for me. I'm a proud fan of the show and have enjoyed many of the doctors that have played the role since the 1960's, yet David Tennant is my favourite. The idea of him leaving the show is a premise which at this point I can't even begin to contemplate because it will just make me too sad.

"I don't think there's a better character on television," says Tennant, neither do I.

I declare a day of national morning, this year and every year on october 30th.


This is what I have to live with! 


My life is over