If radical thinking is the solution to declining newspaper circulations then this proposal from the American Recovering Journalist blog is at the sharpest end of the most acute cutting edge. To secure their futures, suggests Marc Andreesen, newspapers should stop printing paper copies now and force their readers (and avertisers) to appreciate the online product. I think the idea is closer to insanity than radicalism, but perhaps I'm missing a glorious business opportunity.


I get the business side of it, makes sense, save money on paper... it even saves the planet, some environmentalist groups would love this.

But what about the over 65's? I know I am being a bit narrowminded in thinking none of them know how to use a computer, but not a huge amount do I would imagine. 

People who only read newspapers when they're left behind on trains, buses and in canteens and cafes, the amount of times people have asked me "are you reading that paper mate?" 

I don't want to be a journalist because I want to earn bundles of cash. I understand the need to save money but whats the point in publishing news if a lot of people wont be able/bother reading it. Not everyone can afford fancy phones that get all the news for them and even if they can, with society how it is today, who in their right mind would keep out of their pockets long enough to read a top news story? Papers are cheap, convenient and effective. Might work in the US, but I can't see it catching on here. 

Theres a whole bunch of other reasons why I hate this idea but I'll be here all night and I got things to be doing!! haha.

Hope everyone has/had a good Halloween!


I totally agree with what you say, particularly with regards to people who don't own computers. A scheme like this does seem to discriminate against the poor/less technology inclined parts of the population.

If flexy-plastic technology becomes cheap and ubiquitous, though, you can see that it could work.

Pity we can't just see into the future of technology and adjust our habits accordingly...

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