The lead package on Channel 4 News tonight was exquisite. It started with a coruscating tease (the hospice for sick children that has lost a fortune in an Icelandic bank) and moved on through sharp writing, succulent graphics and lancing interviews.

There are similar examples of complex stories told through human experience, luminous example and inspired analogy, but not too many. Reporter Cathy Newman is worth more than her weight in gold. I cannot recommend it too highly. If you did not see it, watch it. If you did, well just watch it again.


My favourite bit was: 'Remote, tree-less and bankrupt Iceland, product of a volcanic faultline in the North Atlantic, is tonight at the very epicentre of an economic faultline running straight through the heart of public, private and charitable Britain."


"Charities have declared more than £25 million is at risk, and admit this is likely to be the tip of the iceberg." Love the last part of that quote, however not as good as the fault line one admittedly.

The £25 million begs the question, will there be a cap on that money, or will fees continuously spiral out of control? As the program showed, homeowners face repossession, but why do the councils continue to make a mockery of those who are trying to serve their local economy by acting as taxpayers? It is a disgrace and the Local Government Association should take a long, hard look at themselves, and not just the Icelandic idiots who freeze their shares.

"Icy grasp", and "freeze the British assets" also cheesy, but good. But my personal favourite was, "It's not just mums that go to Iceland." 

Angst-ridden rant, OVER!!!

The link to watch the piece again seems to be broken.

The Economic chill that put Capitalism in the Deep Freeze