Course Module: 
Convergent Journalism 2

Now is the time to start thinking seriously about your projects for Year 3. The attached document is the Module Specification document. Much of it is university administration box-ticking - but the relevant sections for you to look at carefully are 16 and 17, which explain the rules for what you can submit.

To give you some practice of thinking about pitches for your project, I'd like each of you to submit three brief pitches by 18 June. They need only be a single paragraph each, but should include an outline of the idea and an appropriate outlet for it. Be as specific as you can about your target - e.g The Times Saturday magazine, or Channel 4 News.  We'll give you feedback on these ideas over the summer so that you can return in September brimming with project ideas that will work.

Remember this is a fantastic and rare opportunity to get your teeth into a long-form piece of journalism. And it carries a lot of marks towards your final degree. Get it right, and it should end up being an invaluable calling card that will open doors to future employment.

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