I sit here, thinking about what to write about for this blog piece. So many people in my class have written some excellent touching, adventurous and thought-provoking pieces and I'm at a loss to what to write to make my own writing stand out. 


Then I see ‘WINNER' released two new music videos and, before I know it, I've gone on another Kpop binge. So, rather than write on how many millennials are having an identity crisis, I thought to hell with it, let me drop down some Kpop knowledge. 


The South Korean culture wave has arrived at the western world and shoving their colourful somewhat questionable but incredibly cute, stylish music. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm all about that Kpop hype, why is it called Kpop? It literally just means Korean pop…like, it's not hard…


Idol groups like ‘BTS' have managed to sell out their world tour in under 5 minutes in eight different countries and trust me they aren't the only Korean boys to do so. Not only do they sing hella good live but they compose, produce and choreograph their own stuff which just makes you go BTYes.  


They're a seven-member group which may make you go "Wtf why so many?" - they aren't even the largest, with some girl groups spanning 9/10 members and another boy group that has 13 members but call themselves Seventeen (confusing I know) they might as well be a three man band. The reason why they do this is, well, I don't know either…all I know is that I am living for these visuals. 




A common and reasonable question, but what you're forgetting here is that this is music. If my ears are entertained by the melody and feel of the beat who cares if I can't understand it! I don't understand Spanish music but I'll flamenco the hell out of an Enrique song.


But it's far more than just the music that has captivated those outside of Korea that have sold out worldwide (apart from Europe, why won't you come and visit me), it's the fashion, the aesthetics and that damn dewy skin. 



Korean skincare has becoming a hot trend for women in the Western world. Brands such as Tony Moly, Lineage and Etude House are becoming more and more known, selling lip tints, gradient lip bars (to which I own two colours, they're amazing), foundation cushions and silky primers that get your face looking as if you've only heard of acne in some poorly written fairy tales. 



And don't get me started on these Korean dramas. My goodness, the plot line is most of the time, if not all of the time, confusing and weird but you just find yourself going along with it and then it happens. The episode that makes you ugly cry. Goblin is a shining example of this, of a fictional deity who can only die once he finds his bride. I bet you're thinking again "Wtf Cat just watch normal TV" - Nope, I'm too invested. Goblin by far has as much tension and drama and hook-ability as the next box series and again, the fashion is just b e a u t i f u l.




They have better turtlenecks that put Love Actually to shame. 


I can understand that some people find it weird and unconventional but I've been bitten by that South Korean culture bug and I'm more than happy to let it spread. And for anyone who wants to give it a go, don't worry I got you, drop me a message for a hit of that Kpop, though I must warn you, you'll be wanting more later. 

All about that Kpop life.