I understand that there has been a bit of bad feeling about the allocation of the filming job in Birmingham. 

In a team as small and close-knit as the Centre for Journalism that is something I want to avoid and I'm sure everyone agrees. On this occasion the work was allocated to the first students to express an interest. Sometimes that is how it works in the real world - particularly when a client needs a quick response. In this case it has produced two very capable candidates. However, in future no paid commissions will be allocated until everyone has had the chance to express an interest and have their pitch considered. We will do that by asking everyone to nominate themselves in writing via my office and to a deadline. That's a promise. Until next time can we all now join in wishing Becci and Becca good luck on their assignment. They are ambassadors for the Centre. They did not choose themselves and they deserve our support and encouragement.     


On behalf of the students, we were all unaware (as is everyone else I have spoken to) that there was any bad feeling about the job at all. So just to reassure Becci and Beckah, no one is miffed about the Birmingham job, including myself :). And don't worry Tim, both Becci and Beckah have our full support :).



Allocating paid work