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Mixed martial arts is one of, if not the most unpredictable sports around at the moment. Fights can last a matter of seconds or upwards of twenty minutes. Sometimes you will get a blistering knockout victory or a never-before-seen submission victory, or sometimes you will get a slow, boring, plodding affair that will question why you are up on at 2am on a Sunday morning to watch it.

The following five fights are my pick for a who's who of fights to watch - a great mixture of lengths, finishes and styles to sink your teeth into.

    1. Robbie Lawler vs. Rory MacDonald: UFC 189

Sometimes an image can speak more than words can ever - and this was the case for this fight. The spectacle of a blood-soaked Lawler staring through MacDonald after the end of the fourth round is one that will live in the lore of MMA forever. The fight was declared the greatest fight of all time in 2015 and is worth that accoladed just for the sheer amount of blood spewed by both men.

    2. Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen: UFC 117

One for the fans of a comeback story. Anderson 'The Spider' Silva, regarded as one of the very best to ever step inside the UFC, was a mere matter of minutes from being dethroned at the top of his middleweight division. Sonnen, who had trash-talked the Brazillian into oblivion had been dominate, but one tiny opportunity saw Silva able to lock in a submission in the final round and claw a victory where everyone else had concluded that a loss was looming. Truly a fight to watch if you want to see the comebacks of all comebacks.

    3. Jose Aldo vs. Conor McGregor: UFC 194

Over in a blink of an eye. Conor McGregor's thirteen-second left hand of doom was all it took to catapult him to super-stardom. Before meeting the Irishman, Aldo had been undefeated in the UFC, but it seemed that McGregor's constant verbal battering, which you can see in the UFC's Embedded Series for UFC 194, was too much for him. A true moment in history for McGregor and the UFC.

    4. Eddie Alvarez vs. Justin Gaethje: UFC 218

When one of the fighters label their bout as one to crown 'The UFC's Most Violent Man', you know there is going to be fireworks. Alvarez and Gaethje tore the house down with their three rounds of human demolition derby. The two men held an incredible pace as they went back and forth, swinging at each other. 

    5. Francis Ngannou vs. Derrick Lewis: UFC 226

Not every fight can be fireworks and broken bones. Derrick Lewis was suffering from back issues during the fight and Ngannou...well, he had been manhandled by then-champ Stipe Miocic. Something that was obviously still well in the mind of the 6ft 3 Cameroonian monster. The fight was tame, to say the least, with a total of 31 strikes thrown in the entire fight. To put into context, Eddie Alvarez and Justin Gaethje threw 286 during the same amount of time. This fight is a lesson to MMA fans new and old not to take the fights for granted, and not to expect every bout to be amazing. This is one to watch if you cannot sleep.


Beginners Guide to the UFC Pt.2: Five Fights to Watch