Attention all undergraduates.

We'll be holding a briefing for the 2018 Sky News Bob Friend Scholarship on Tuesday 12 December at 1300 in the main newsroom. (UPDATE: now in the small newsroom because of the NCTJ sports journalism exam).

This is a unique and immensely valuable opportunity open to all undergraduate students in the Centre - first, second and third years. The winner will spend a month long, fully funded placement at Sky News. They will also receive a £3,000 contribution to their tuition fees. Beyond these rewards there is, of course, the prestige and glory of being a member of the tiny and highly select band of Sky Bob Friend Scholars.

It is a competitive scholarship and there can only be one winner. Applicants must provide a detailed proposal for a multi-platform treatment of a topical news item, appropriate to Sky News, and including content suitable for TV, radio, online and mobile platforms. Proposals will be considered by a panel that will draw up a final shortlist of candidates. Shortlisted students will sit tests in general knowledge and spelling set by Sky News and undergo a panel interview at the company's Millbank studio.

The deadline for submissions will be on Monday 5 February 2018. Shortlisted contestants will travel to London for the final selection interviews which will take place at Sky' Millbank studios in Westminter on 16th February.

Come to the briefing. All will be explained.

Briefing for 2018 Sky News Bob Friend Scholarship