'The Bright Spark' is a show putting a spotlight on the big ideas changing our world. It is a unique take on covering the fast-changing world of tech because it looks to break through the barriers that make understanding technology 'exclusive.' It's a slick, modern show that anybody can watch. 

During my research, I found a number of media organisations talking about tech, such as BBC's 'Click.' Whilst they present in an entertaining and informative way, the subject matter is less focused on the big ideas and tends to often focus on consumer electronics. 'The Bright Spark' avoids this in order to make discussions about future developments in technology as inclusive as possible. 

The show's design was the result of a collaboration with Canadian graphic artist Ankur Sanjay Desai, who under my instructions devised slick graphics which would effectively frame the modern style of the show. I also developed a colour scheme which was purposefully bright and diverse, moving away from the traditional tech conventions which tend to be variations on blue and white. 

The show would not have been successful without strong, relevant guests, and I was able to secure tech journalist Ian Morris and CEO of the BYP Network app Kike Oniwinde. Both had a great deal to bring to the discussion sections of the show, led by the charismatic presenter Emma-Louise Amanshia. 




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The Bright Spark