The Rwandan genocide that had 1,074,017 civilians killed shocked the world in its extreme brutality and cruelty.


Unfortunately, history is seeming to repeat itself in a country that happens to be neighbour of Rwanda; the Democratic republic of Congo.


Congo Is facing the most serious political crisis in its history and have been in a state of civil war for nearly 20 years. However, hasn’t had much news coverage in the mainstream media.


Eastern Congo is the location who has been targeted by dictator Joseph Kabila, who has taken office since 2001 and have repressed every single form of political opposition or pacific protest since the day he took office.


The dilemma and protest however are still ongoing as Felix Tshisekedi, current president of Congo is a strict political ally and friend of Kabila, causing the insurrection civilian, activists and protestors who are yearning for political justice, democracy and freedom of speech.


Reasons of the mass genocide of civilians is not only caused by the major political crisis, as a matter of fact troops of Kabila and Monisco are barbarically and systematically killing inhabitants without sparing children, women or elderly to forcefully acquire minerals like tantalum, tungsten and gold which east-Congo prosperous of.

Reasons of their violence is mainly western world trade and self-enrichment related.


Studies have discovered that there were an estimated 2.7 million internally displaced people within the country due to ongoing armed conflict in the east in 2014.

Since 2014 the number have more than doubled having 4.5 million people displaced from their homes due to clashes with armed forces and more than 13 million people in need of humanitarian assistance.


Civilians are not only being displaced but also getting killed every single day by armed groups of people. The numbers of armed groups now in Congo have also grown through the years and are now more than 140.


“I Can’t go back there, if I do, they will kill me” Are the words of Kevin Lokonda Congolese citizen who had to relocate in the UK for safety reasons in 2017.  Kevin had been a member of Filimbi armed forces whom with Lamuka troops are fighting against Kabila and his allies;

Kevin have been fighting for Filimbi between 2016 and 2017 and describes the experience as difficult to process and traumatic.

The last time he had met was during a pacific protest before the general election against Kabila’s government which turned into chaos when foot soldiers showed up and started executing whoever was seen with a Filimbi or Lumuka’s shirt on.


Kevin stated that: “When they came everyone was running to hide somewhere you couldn’t just stand in shock otherwise you could have got killed. I came here to save my life and I don’t hear from most of them; I’m not sure if they are alive or not.”


He believes that the arrest of ex-president Kabila and allow the people to exercise their right to vote for a president would finally bring the long awaited peace that Congo needs.



Congo's Civil war