Be careful, spoilers ahead

Fans have been waiting for six months. Six months waiting for some sort of hope after the devastating way Avengers Infinity War ended. Six months of theorising of how the Avengers will bring back the casualties of Infinity War. Six months hyping over any production photo or title hint that appeared on the internet. Six months begging for next film to wipe away the tears of Spiderman’s final words, ‘I don’t feel so good’. Finally, all that waiting has been rewarded with a trailer for the next Avengers film, the final Avengers film. Avengers: Endgame.

Frankly, whoever puts together this trailer deserves a pay rise. Almost two and half minutes of an emotional rollercoaster and do not even get me started on the marvel studios logo disappearing into dust. Why is Marvel trying to make me cry? However, what makes this trailer amazing is that it makes all who watch it look forward to the film without revealing anything. No revelation on how the Avengers are going to fight back or even if they are still going to be fighting Thanos. No revelation on how will the remaining heroes team up and not even a hint of what role Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) will play in the film. The trailer keeps secret as much as it gives away.


But it does reveal some ideas about the upcoming film:


1.       Tony Stark is stuck in space



The trailer begins with Tony Stark aka Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr) stuck on the Guardians ship running out of oxygen and accepting his death. Not the most uplifting start to a trailer but this is the Endgame. After Infinity War, fans better be ready for shocks if Marvel Studios plans to repeat how it ended its last big film. But fans do not worry, help is on its way. After a number of tweets sent to NASA asking them to help Tony Stark, they responded with this tweet:

The first minute of the trailer shows Tony Stark creating a message on his iron man helmet to Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow), his one and only love. It is obvious that Tony is going to survive this, or Dr Strange’s (Benedict Cumberbatch) sacrifice in Infinity War was all for nothing. On the other hand, I believe there are a few hints in what Stark says, or maybe this is me reading too much into it.

‘Don’t feel bad about this. Part of the journey is the end’- this quote could refer to the title the endgame explaining that this Avengers film is one last journey before it’s the end for the original heroes. The ones we fell in love with since 2012. More importantly Stark mentions the word ‘Rescue’ in his message to Potts. It is rumoured that Pepper is getting her own Ironman suit in Avengers 4 and pictures were leaked of Gwyneth in an iron man suit. What’s more is that this phenomenon has occurred in the comics and Pepper’s superhero name while in the suit was ‘Rescue’. Coincidence? Well with Marvel, you never know.


2.       Hawkeye has changed

Infinity War has been praised for having the most superhero characters ever before. Yet it forgot one character. An important character. Some may say that his absence was the main reason for the Avengers’ defeat in the film. That character is Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner). But Marvel has redeemed themselves by including him in the trailer.


Not only is Hawkeye back, but he also has a new look, a new weapon and a new superhero name, Ronin. Who is Ronin? In the comics, the identity Ronin has been donned by many characters, especially Clint Barton who we all know as Hawkeye. After he resurrected from the dead (that happens a lot in comics), Clint did not want to return to being boring Hawkeye so he took the identity Ronin and hid his revival from the world. In the film, this change of costume may hint that Hawkeye is more willing to do what needs to be done to stop the bad guys, no matter the cost.

What has brought on this change? We do not know for sure but Captain America (Chris Evans) does say ‘we’ve lost family’ just as the trailer cuts to the scene of Ronin aka Hawkeye cleaning his new blade on his arm. It is likely that Hawkeye’s family did not survive the snap which means Thanos better watch out.

3.       Thanos scarecrow

Fans wanted the Thanos Copter. Instead, they got a Thanos Scarecrow?



For a few seconds within the trailer, we see Thanos’ armour on a scarecrow stick before seeing him walking through a field. What does this mean? Not much. Thanos won and he is now living his best life. Taking off his armour symbolises how he has finished fighting and enjoy the remainder of his life without a purpose. But this does raise questions about the villain in Avengers 4. Will it still be Thanos or has he now retired after fulfilling his purpose? They have been rumours about a secret evil lurking in the Marvel universe, due to a prelude comic made by Marvel released that expresses this which may mean that there is a new villain in Avengers 4.

4.       Who lives and Who dies?

                                                                                           (Movie Web)

Much of the trailer is about the remaining original Avengers because they are the only ones still alive. A brief moment shows Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is looking glum with his new eye, contemplating whether he should have gone for Thanos' head. Another scene shows Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) aka the Incredible Hulk looking at holograms of heroes that died. The Incredible Hulk has turned into a bit of an 'Incredible Sulk' after refusing to come out throughout the last Avengers film after getting seriously beaten once. Hopefully, Bruce Banner is able to turn into the Hulk in Avengers 4 for a Thanos rematch.

The first of the holograms show Spiderman (Tom Holland) and Antman (Paul Rudd), one of whom is not really dead which is revealed later. The hologram of Spiderman then switches to Shuri (Letitia Wright) confirming her death in Infinity War. before the trailer, Marvel refused to explain her fate after the snap but this trailer does raise questions on who is in charge of Wakanda with both the King and his sister dead.

Additionally, most of the trailer has Captain America and Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) narrating what has happened since the last film. Although the trailer did not reveal what they are planning, they are definitely planning something because Cap has shaved his beard and has put on the uniform he wore from the Winter Soldier. He is now ready for a rematch.

                                                                                            (Movie Web)

5.       Antman is out of the Quantum Realm, somehow

                                                                                             (Movie Web)

This is probably the most important reveal in the film because of where we last saw Antman. In the post credit scene from Antman and the Wasp, Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) goes into the Quantum Realm, a subatomic universe where time and space are irrelevant, to collect particles under the orders of Hank (Michael Douglas), Hope (Evangeline Lilly) and Janet (Michelle Pfeiffer). Their Quantum tunnel machinery has been shrunk to fit inside a van and Antman goes inside it to get to the Quantum Realm quickly. However, while he was in there, we see the effects of Thanos’ snap occurring, turning the three scientists in the real world into dust, leaving Antman alone trapped inside the Quantum Realm.

This led to a lot of theories about Scott’s part in Avengers 4, especially with rumours surfacing that he will play a big part in the next film. Many fans thought that Janet warning about the Quantum Realm, “don’t get sucked into a time vortex”, could imply that Scott Lang may escape through one of the time vortexes and go back in time to warn the Avengers. This theory was backed up with production photos revealed that showed Paul Rudd in the Antman suit in the New York battle that occurred in the first Avengers film with Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans, implying that time travel may be an element within the film. However, with Marvel, this could all be a plot to mislead everyone.

Antman does show up in the Endgame trailer, right after the title. We see Antman outside the Avengers headquarters asking to be let in. This raises more questions than answers. How did he escape the Quantum Realm? Is the van behind him the same van from Antman and the Wasp that contains the Quantum tunnel? And finally, is he still the key to the Endgame?


We won’t know the answers to any of these questions until April. Regardless, the trailer just brings us one step closer to the last avenger film and now holds the record for most viewed trailer in 24 hours with 289 million views. Endgame may be more emotional than the last one as it may be one of Stan Lee’s last cameos and possibly the last Marvel film Chris Evans is in before he retires. We can only hope that Avengers Endgame is worth the hype and does not let its fans down.

The ENDGAME is here! Avengers 4 trailer breakdown