Because the newsroom is busy this morning we are extending the radio deadline to 2pm tomorrow, Tuesday. Lunchtime today and tomorrow is clear in the newsroom, and you can also work after hours. This should be plenty of time to finish your piece.

I'm around to give emergency counselling to those having problems with their packages.

Please come to conference at 0930 on Thursday, dressed smartly, as if to interview the Prime Minister. We will be making two programmes. I'll put up lists of who is in which team on a blog here, and will appoint presenters.



Script, edit and voice a radio news package of two to two and a half minutes' duration and a presenter cue of up to 20 seconds for the item. The cue should list in and out words and exact duration in seconds.

The piece should include at least two interviews.

Please supply a script.

Also, a paragraph explaining why you think the piece is newsworthy and why you chose your interviewee or interviewees. 

The assessment will be marked according to the following guidelines. Quality of journalism is the single most important factor.  


Cue: 10 marks

Is the cue competently written and does it sell your story? 

Script and reasons: 10 marks

Is your script complete, including interviewee's or interviewees' words? Does it write out of the cue? Do your reasons for doing the story make sense and have you chosen informed sources?

Journalism skills: 30 marks

This judges your skills as a reporter. It takes into account the quality of your sources, the accuracy of your reporting, the angle you have chosen for your story and its relevance to your audience.

Technical competence: 20 marks

This assesses the technical qualities of the piece, quality of sound and the accuracy of your edits. 

Understanding of principles: 20 marks

Have you demonstrated a grasp of the principles of producing a radio news piece? Have you structured your story correctly? 

Presentation: 10 marks

Do you sound like a professional reporter?

Total: 100 marks


Extended: year one radio assessment deadline. Information about newsday.