After reading this article on Pistonheads, I was quite surprised to find that it said 'it is understood that police officers are furious at the reduction in their powers'. Well, I say surprised but in all honesty it is quite clear why they would be. After all, who would dare want a cut in the amount of paperwork over minor offences? Why try and make it easier for officers to catch real criminals? How dare they take away the burden on officers to chase after motorists making petty mistakes?

This is yet another example of the police force making excuses not to function properly. By procedure taking precedence and paperwork acting as the hiding place, serious violent crime is on the increase; by 22% to be exact. Or is it? We can't really be sure, after all, police forces in England and Wales have been undercounting figures since 2007. Odd, considering that office work takes up so much of the average bobby's day.

These changes are great news for the rest of us. Although this story may only seem like a tussle between local authorities and the Met, it is a vital step in changing the lathargic, slovenly attitude that currently exists in police forces. This attitude is not just apparent in the Met either, and hopefully by recoiling the powers that police officers already have which are irrelevant and revenue based, the focus will shift to dealing with crimes which are actually important and need to be dealt with by the law, not a local authority.


You have a completely good, valid point. However, there has to be something better, than to force them to 'want' to work harder. You cant force policemen to be more motivated.

Interestingly enough, wasnt there an argument several years ago, that officers are put under TOO much paperwork, instead of catching criminals?

Paperwork is just everywhere now, it seems every single job needs to have some sort of paperwork.

The cleaner where I work has to fill in a form everyday, just listing what he has cleaned, thats all, doesnt keep track of the materials he has used. 

He must include, time the cleaning 'operation' started, time he finished, what part of the store he had to clean and what the product he had to clean up was. 

Why? If they need a record of him doing his job... surely the state of the place is proof enough. 

Promise there is a point in there somewhere, you must use your journalist training to fish it out. 

Furious Officers Lose Enforcement Powers