In their first ever full  newsday the MA class pulled together to make 50 min of live radio news. Presenters Thom Coast and Mirela Vulaj had to deal with technical hiccups from the desk (sorry) but all in all it's starting to sound like live radio.

From waiting for the Philae probe to not crash and burn out in space and getting the latest on the  Ched Evans debacle the team did everything from two ways and packages to live corresponding from London.

There's obviously things to learn from this afternoon and improve on, but much like the Philae probe now succesfully attached to comet 67P, their journey is just beginning. 

Have a listen!

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Dear MAs 

Tim has suggested banning notes for two ways in the radio studio. You may not like the sound of that . . . and you will see the point when we come to do TV. When you're doing a two way as a TV reporter, you absolutely can't be seen to be reading.   

You have done really well so far. You deserve a lot of credit for the progress you've made with radio.
Good on you. 

Have a listen to CFJ Radio, courtesy of the MA class