The 74th annual Golden Globe Awards took place last night and as always Hollywood’s finest took to the red carpet to submerse themselves in the glitz and glamour of the ceremony. Hosted by Jimmy Fallon and broadcasted in 164 countries, this year’s show treated us to more than just the usual format. Yes, we did see the very predicable scenario where winners are announced and give long-winded acceptance speeches thanking everybody on the planet for their success. But we also saw political warfare, shocking celebrity moments, success for British actors (unheard of at the Golden Globes) and one actress make an historic achievement. However, this monumental achievement has once again been lost behind stories involving the A-list in Hollywood. What you’ve probably read in regards to the Golden Globes would be Meryl Streep’s acceptance speech where she called out Donald Trump, that rather bizzare moment when Ryan Ronalds and Andrew Garfield looked lips and endless coverage, and i really do mean endless, on the best and worst dressed at this years ceremony.

While all of this was going on, Tracee Ellis Ross made Golden Globe History becoming the first black women in 34 years to win a Golden Globe for best actress in a Musical or Comedy series (and award only won once by a black female). Not only was this her first award but also her first nomination at the ceremony. She’s been acting for 20 years. Most significant to her winning the award was her acceptance speech. A speech that touched the heart of everyone in the audience and the world. Also the first speech from a black person since diversity in the industry reached boiling point where the speech was focused on how grateful she was for the awarded and what it means for people of colour rather than criticise the academy for its lack of diversity. During her speech she dedicated her award to women of colour around the world “This is for all the women, women of colour and colourful people whose stories ideas and thoughts are not always considered”. Her full acceptance speech can be found seen here.

But before I continue you’re probably wondering, who the hell is Tracee Ellis Ross? If you’re not acquainted with her firstly you should be as she is one of the funniest women I’ve come across in TV in recent years and secondly she’s one of the happiest women I’ve ever seen – She never stops smiling. Her nomination came from her role as doctor and single mother-of-four Rainbow on the hit American Series Black-ish, a show about a man trying to remind his kids of their cultural identity whilst rising them in a white, middle class neighbourhood. Some of her other notable roles include her time of CSI back in 2011 as hard-line detective Gloria Parker and psychologist Dr Carla Reed in Read Between the Lines, also in 2011. If none of those shows ring absolutely any bells in your mind browse through her IMDB page, you’re bound to recognise her in at least one thing.

Now I could sit here and make a whole list of reasons as to why pretty much nobody knows this event even happened such as it’s a race issue or the award has already been won by a black woman so where’s the news in that. But I think personally it’s down to one simple reason. Nobody cares anymore. The whole race issue has become such a taboo within society that it seems now any mention of colour and we just switch off. Even worst, we switch off and engage in endless articles and opinions about who wore a Versace dress better or waste our time celebrating another Trump hater when really, we all hate Trump and it would be more of a story to talk about a celebrity who is publicly endorsing him. For the first time we have a positive role model – who won a golden globe for the first time in her career. Surely that’s enough to make a headline, the colour of her skin only makes it more dramatic because it’s so hard to come by. Ross hasn’t bashed the industry once in her career and has been nothing but supportive throughout the turbulent times. So while the media won’t be adding her to “the angry black women club” for her speech neither will they decide to rave about her achievement. So while me and the few who are aware of her victory celebrate it I’ll end on this passing thought, I guess if you do really want to be heard you have to do it kicking and screaming because being nice doesn’t make a headline.

Historic victory overshadowed