Wait, this isn’t one of those conspiracy theory pieces to weave threads of schizophrenic minds and this is definitely not me trying to blame everything on “The West” as my government does. This is actually a very politically engaged, center-leftish opposition (mainly called reformist) frustrated Iranian, moaning about negligence of the world’s stupid politicians who allegedly want to save the Iranian people from the dictatorship that’s been ruling in Iran since almost 40 years ago, but instead more often than never they just push us towards them “Mullahs”.

Yes we do get patriotic when a dumb-a** like Donald Trump uses the term “Arabian Gulf” instead of the real “Persian Gulf”, and yes we do hate it when Iran’s obvious enemy in the region can have nuclear weapons but we can’t. Now I understand that if the Iranian government could actually get those nuclear warheads, the regime would have been way more unbearable than currently is, but this level of discrimination from the west is just not helping Iranian people.

So when Iranians are just recovering from their catastrophic Islamic Revolution, who intrigues Saddam Hussein to attack Iran? Who sold him warfare and chemical weapons? (Indeed the knife cut its own handle later on.) Of course I get patriotic and I would fight in the battle if I were alive then, cos who wouldn’t?
This entire struggle on and off these past few decades: the US says the sanctions were to pressure the Iranian regime. But did it press the regime though? Or only imposed more hardship on the people who (are just like people from other countries for the record) struggling for bread? I’m going to say the latter.

Kicking Iranians out of the countries they were residing, working and actually contributing to the economies, the exchange rate crisis that crippled lives of students abroad, breaking back bones of import and export which is by the way partly run by individuals in the private sector and not the state are just to begin with. THANK YOU WEST for saving us!

And then we enter a new era of political ignorance by the emergence of Mr Trump. So terrorism, nuclear weapons, the JCPOA with Iran, immigrants etc. are among the things he does not approve of. SHOCKING! The travel ban did not do much good with the recent New York attack though. Or let’s say there were wrong names on the list. Remind me again, when was the last time an Iranian was arrested or suspect of carrying an act of terror? Aha, that is right!

This travel ban was just a spit on Iranian’s faces. So we again get sympathetic with our government who is playing the innocent in this game. They condemn Trump’s behavior and so do we as people.
Western policy makers, sitting in their oval, rectangular or whatever offices, deciding what’s good for Iranians? First of all, YOU is not good for us! Even travelling to places where we are not banned from is extremely painful. The entire process of obtaining visa is time consuming, expensive and terribly humiliating. Ask anybody with Iranian passport, they tell you the same. I agree that it is partly blamed on Islamic Republic of Iran's government but definitely it does not restrict the Iranian politicians but the people who just want to trave. With the level of censorship in the country and propaganda against Iran in the western media, travelling could be the ultimate reliable tool to learn about other cultures and show Iran's real face to the world. (The non-official face which is not represented in state TV by politicians and Mullahs.)

Yes I do in fact appreciate the EU and UK’s support for the nuclear deal but COME ON Mrs Prime Minister, you held hands with the guy; you can do better! I am just saying Trump’s attempt to changing the geography of Middle East or the insults to Iranian people calling us terrorists, won’t actually change the facts but they are only pushing us more towards the Mullahs. We could save all those moments we sympathized with the Islamic Republic regime to oppose them, if only West knew better.
Or maybe they do? Here we enter a new chapter of conspiracy…


!Disclaimer!: Use of the term "West" does not refer to western people (American, European etc.) and only to the politicians and officials.

How is “The West” helping the Iranian regime?