A recent study at Liverpool John Moores university showed that one-in-five teenagers (aged 14 to 17) were using e-cigarettes. Of the teenagers that were asked, 16 per cent had never smoked, 23 per cent had tried smoking but did not like it, 36 per cent were regular smokers, 12 per cent only smoked when drinking and 13 per cent were ex-smokers.

Over time I have seen more and more independent retailers that specialise in e-cigarettes crop up. Most recently Poundland has released a new line of e-cigarettes accompanied with different flavoured oils from as little as £2. 

My 18-year-old brother who is a non-smoker has recently jumped on the e-cigarette phenomenon. He doesn't use it around the house, only socially when he is out or with his friends. When I asked him why he started using the e-cigarettes, he said it was because "it's trending and everyone is doing it."

E-cigarettes have become so accessible that it has become easier for young people to get hold of them. The different flavoured oils also seem to easily attract teenagers as they are able to choose from the different varieties at a cheap retail price. There are so may different flavoured oils now, it's like going to a sweet shop and being spoilt for choice.

An article in the Telegraph showed that scientists have warned that the vapour in e-cigarettes is no safer than smoking as it damages your DNA in ways that could lead to cancer.

This trend is dangerous and it seems that as new research is being conducted into the long term effects of e-cigarettes, most of the outcomes are proving to be more dangerous than smoking cigarettes themselves. 

It is here that I question why messages were put on cigarette packets by the governement warning about the effects they have on your health and not e-cigarettes? Plus cigarettes are also not allowed to be advertised or put on display in shops, yet e-cigarettes are advertised for all eyes to see in such a positive light!

Overall e-cigarettes are just a high-tech way to hook a new generation on a bad nicotine habit. What will be next, e-alcohol?!


"I only use e-cigarettes because they're trending!"