Course Module: 
Convergent Journalism 1

There are two InDesign pages attached. One is an incomplete news page for The Times - you need to sub it to a finished state. The words and pictures are real. All you have to do is cut the copy to fit the space, correct the ten or so mistakes in the text, and write appropriate headlines for all of the stories.

[Tip: remember if there is overmatter in a column of text, you'll see a small red + symbol at the bottom of the text column. To view the overmatter, draw a new text box off to the side of the page. Make sure you have chosen the selection tool (the topmost black arrow in the toolbar), click on the red + sign and then click in your new text box. This links the two text boxes, so the overmatter will magically flow in to the new one.]

The second page is a template page for The Sun. I'd like you to take the main story from the Times page (the DFS story) and re-write it for a Sun readership.

You'll need to design the story into the white space on the Sun Template page - you can ignore the grey areas. You'll need to include a headline, a standfirst and at least one of the pictures. Look at recent issues of The Sun for inspiration on how a half-page story might look.

A few points to bear in mind for your Sun design:

For an ALL CAPS headline typeface use Myriad Pro set to bold condensed. You'll probably want a point size of 120point or more. Extra brownie points if you set the tracking to -50. 

If you're planning an Upper and Lower case headline, use Impact as the typeface.

For the standfirst typeface, use Impact, set to underlined. 32point or thereabouts. 

If you want to put a strapline above the headline, try using Rockwell condensed bold. 

For the main body text typeface use Minion Pro. Set it to 8pt, with 8.5pt leading.

However, the first paragraph is usually set ina bold sans face. Try Gill Sans, set to MT Heavy. 9pt on 9.5pt leading.


You have until the end of the lecture to complete both tasks if you can. When you have finished both, save the pages as pdf files (File - Export - Adobe pdf) and upload them to the site in the News section (not your Blogs). We'll go through them next week.

InDesign exercise for 4th December