A busy month for students. Students going to new school. Students studying abroad. It is truly terrifying to go out there, away from home, away from comfort. Your everyday routine would need to change, you would need to meet new people, you would need to get to know this new place. It is really exciting, yet horrifying.

However, as we age, the more cowardly we become.

Remember when we were young we would recklessly climb up to the very top in the park, we would stand on the swing and sway back and forth. As we grow older, we don’t even dare to go rock climbing. The adventurous sparks in ourselves get dimmer every step we take in life. Eventually we just want to stay at where we are and avoid any new opportunities which we have to get our asses off the comfy couch. However, many of them regret that they didn’t grasp the chance just because they were comfortable with where they were.

I remember a conversation between a dying old man and a journalist.

The Journalist asked “What is the biggest regret in your life?”

The old man answer “Not chasing my dream.”

Imagine when we are in a hospital bed, surviving on machines. Last 5 minutes, we think of our lives, but there is nothing worth looking back to our lives, there are no achievements, all we can think of is working at a boring office until we retire. The emptiness we would feel is unbearable.

Anything takes time to heal, to get accustomed to. Heart breaks, grief. All those emotions are because there is a sudden change in your normal routine. You feel like something is ripped off of your life, you feel like things are out of your control. Hence all the negative emotions. It just takes time to let those changes become your daily routine.

The fear we have when things change is what we are trying to avoid, not the changes. Try to embrace the changes, be patient, eventually you will be acclimated to them, the rewards? You will not be disappointed, trust me.

It’s all about acclimation