As the weather is heating up (and so is the planet I might add - but that’s another blog post for another time) you wouldn’t be pronounced a fool for thinking fashion would be set to reflect this by urging you to strip down to a crop top and cute shorts as you strolled down the street enjoying the summer sun (before it explodes and kills us all - seriously, global warming is a problem that we need to get talking about but like I said, another time. If you were so naive to expect this summer’s trends to be like any other’s, usually not wearing much at all, you would be wrong. Modest fashion is taking Instagram, and in turn the fashion scene, by storm - yet another possible weather implication of global warming but ANYWAY.

According to Pinterest, searches for modest fashion have increased by 500% since the beginning of this year. And it seems once people find out just what modest fashion entails - namely outfit choices that show an awareness of how much skin you’re showing and dressing in a way which maintains ‘modesty’, they are loving it.

Designer brands and high street retailers like Nike and H&M are beginning to take note and introducing modest collections. Model of the moment, Halima Aden, is largely credited withcausing the rise of this trend. Not only has the star graced the covers of the likes of Vogue and Elle but the Somalian muslim made history as the first woman to wear a hijab in the Miss Minnesota USA pageant. Teen Vogue covered her travelling back to the Keyan refugee camp where she grew up. Aden has become a strong role model for refugees and muslim women all around the world. Aden has carved out a place in the industry for many girls that are building brands on Instagram based around the concept of modest fashion.

In light of the recent New Zealand Mosque attack, accepting and allowing others to freely express their beliefs and cultures is more important than ever to let everybody know that they are welcomed and accepted. The rise of modest fashion at this time sends this message loud and clear.

For a long time many individuals were left out of high fashion due to it not accommodating enough modest styles. Modest fashion is ultimately a choice. Whether you wish to cover up for religious or personal reasons, that is and always should be your choice. The rise in popularity of modest fashion and lines accommodating this now makes covering up easier than ever for those who wish to do so and look ultra chic doing it. It’s modesty darling.


It’s getting hot in here…so KEEP ON all your clothes?!