Attached is the list of work experience placements for the easter period. I haven't been able to give everyone their first choice of venue - but in those cases you have been allocated your second choice. In cases where more than one student wanted the same placement as a first choice, I used a random generator to choose between them.

In all cases, if you expressed a preference over dates your placement should be on those dates.

Please let me know at the earliest opportunity if you think there's an error.

Jaak and Zehra - I've yet to hear from you with your choices.

Office spreadsheet icon Easter Rota.xls0 bytes


Should that be my alias from now on? haha

Unless there's something you and Becci haven't mentioned to us, ahahaha.

I didn't get my ring for my birthday and the R doesn't stand for Rob.... secrets out!

I've obviously got some unresolved issues with the name Hayes. Another thing to work out with my psychotherapist. Thinking about it, this may be because I lost the captaincy of the St Francis of Assisi Comprehensive School Under 13s football team to a lad called Ian Hayes. I never got over it.

Either that or it's just senility...

Ian Reeves is head of the Centre for Journalism

Kent Messenger Group placements for easter