So I'm fully aware this post is couple of years late but let me just say that during those years my opinions on La La Land have changed couple of times. (Also whoever wants to bring up the tweet here it is) 


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Yes i did say it once I still kind of agree with what October Wiktoria said. BUT, my whole point here is not that's it's not a good movie, it's just not that great. I know too many people who consider it one of the best movies of all time and I just don't understand. What's so great about it? It's a cute story but that's honestly all that there is to it, so here's my full analysys.

Also let me just quickly say what I thought about La La Land in the past and why my opinions are so controversial to so many people:

I first heard about it after it screened at the TIFF in 2016. Mind you I only saw it couple of months later, around February the following year, but for those 5 months all I've heard about was how amazing La La Land was. So I was honestly sick of this movie before i even watched it. But don't worry, in February I was still willing to give it a chance. My expectations were high but not too high that a movie nominated for 14 academy awards couldn't reach it. So I watched it and I can honestly say I've never been more underwhelmed in my life. The cinematography was pretty, I can admit that some of the shots are really beautiful but that's probably the only truly impressive thing about the movie.  I liked TWO of the songs in it (and I wouldn't mind IF IT WASN'T A MUSICAL). I don't understand who heard Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling sing and decided that yes, these are the people who I want to cast IN A MUSICAL. Same goes with dancing too.

(And yes i cried, but me crying is not an indication that a movie is good because unfortunately I'm that kind of person who can cry during commercials.)

So these where my issues with La La Land when I first watched it. Then for the next 2 years I refused to watch it again and made my brand as a La La Land hater. And then October came and in my weak state of mind i convinced some of my flatmates to watch it with me. That time I decided to lower my expectations and just treat it as a nice romance movie. And then, because of that, suddenly I liked it.

So here it is: La La Land is a decent, nice and sort of sweet movie, but it's not that great and it's definitely not of the best movies that you've ever seen.

La La Land is not that great