Liv's Laboratory is a presenter led panel show, interviweing guests of musical and perfomring arts background. The show that consists of raw conversational style interviews gives artists a platform to disucss thir tourbles of breaking through into the media or music industry. By creating this show i hope to of made a platfrom where artists could be recognised for their talents, giving them the exposure and first steps they need to success. 

The reason i decided to create Liv's Laboratory as a prodominatley music show is for my own love and knowledge of music. I belive that music and perfroming arts are becoming much more signifncant within our genertaion and creating a show which purely broacasts talents is a great way for artists to be seen. In addition to this, with training in musical theatre myself I have always wanted to presenter a talent show by myself. Through creating this show I was able to fullfill this role whilst adding my own urban twist on the normal conventional talent shows that are seen on TV screens today. 

Furthermore, it deeply upsets me that due to my current situation, not living at home due to COVID-19 i was unable to record any footage. Alongside this, one of my guests flew back to his home country and i was no longer in contact with him. As unfortunate as this is for me not being able to make my dream show become a reality, I have outlined all my thoughts and dreams as if i was able to record my footage.  

Tv Production Tech Sheet: 

Liv's Laboratory