MA TV assessment marking criteria


I am looking for a 1 minute news package, plus a short text story. 15 seconds more or less.

Deadline: 12pm, 7 April 2011.

The piece will be on any subject and suitable for a Kent-wide newspaper website that publishes video news stories. 

It can include a piece to camera if appropriate. It should have VO. 

There are no other restrictions on content and approach. 

You must shoot and edit the material yourself, though someone can help you shoot a piece to camera if you use one.

The assessment will be marked according to the following guidelines. Quality of journalism is the single most important factor.   



Overall impact: 10 marks

These marks are available for the overall impression your piece makes. Does your piece hang together? Are you making the best use of your pictures? Do the words work with the pictures you have selected? 

Journalism skills: 30 marks

For this assessment, the weighting is strongly towards how well you demonstrate your skills as a reporter. It takes into account the quality of your sources, the accuracy of your reporting, the angle you have chosen for your story, and its relevance to your audience. We will be looking at the quality of your scripting and whether you have shown can write to pictures. Your sequences must help tell the story.

Text intro: 5 marks

Write a text story of no more than four sentences and attach it to your video piece.   

Technical competence: 20 marks

This assesses the quality of the material you have shot, and how well you work with FX, VO and pictures. Have you used a tripod where possible? Have you worked correctly with sound levels, exposure and focus?  

Understanding of principles: 15 marks

Do you have a grasp of the principles of producing a television package? Have you chosen a story that works well for television? Does the choice of pictures and interviewee come out of the story you have actually found? Does the structure work? We will also be considering the pace and flow of the piece.

Presentation: 10 marks

Do you sound like a professional reporter? How well have you found your own broadcast voice?

Grammar and style: 10 marks

I am looking for crisply-written VO and soundbites that draw the viewer into the story. 


Total: 100 marks


MA TV assessment deadline