Today's House of Commons Treasury committee was grilling journalists about their role in reporting the financial crisis, including the BBC's Robert Peston who despite his unconventional delivery has been scooping the rest of the pack on a regular basis. What he has to say about reporting is well worth listening to. He says that 'corkers' rarely land on his lap, rather, getting a good story is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, often with hundreds of different pieces. 'Back in the summer of 2007 when markets closed down I concluded that this was likely to be the biggest story of my career and I immersed myself in it..' he says, and his scoops have been hard-earned through endlessly talking to his contacts in the City, Government, Whitehall and the Regulators. For a full verson of his interview, plus other illuminating submissions by financial journalists, go to (Peston's submission starts at 12.51)

A maestro reveals his methods