When you think of a 6’3 190lb man, I doubt most people think of the greatest shooter in NBA history. The story of Stephen Curry was always going to lead to the NBA. Son of Dell Curry, the 2nd highest scorer in Charlotte Hornets history, and a self-proclaimed 3 point shot specialist, Steph began his journey to basketball immortality by practising with his father’s teammates at Charlotte alongside younger brother Seth (guard at the Dallas Mavericks). Steph’s journey continued with a place at Davidson College in his hometown of North Carolina.

Steph was always seen as a prodigy due to the shooting prowess of his father, however his small frame and injury prone body threatened to derail his career. Curry quite inevitably made history after becoming Davidson’s all-time leading scorer and also demonstrated his penchant and genetic ability to make 3 pointers after setting the single-season NCAA record for most 3 pointers made.

After spending 3 years at college, the next stage of Steph Curry’s career was in the offing. Curry was picked with the 7th overall pick in the 2009 draft by the Golden State Warriors. An injury riddled 2011 was followed up with a new 4-year contract in 2012 where the dynasty of the Warriors was slowly building. The increasing quality of two guard Klay Thompson and the media-proclaimed “emotional leader” Draymond Green plus valuable role players such as Shaun Livingston and Andre Iguodala swayed the Warriors into title contenders and increased expectations about the future of the team.

The 2014/15 became a record-breaking season for the Warriors after surpassing Chicago Bulls record of 72 wins in the regular season by 1 win. Curry dazzled the league with his outrageous shots and ball-handling skills and alongside Klay Thompson were nicknamed the “Splash Brothers” for setting the NBA record for combined three-pointers in a season with 484. Curry’s season resulted in a first Most Valuable Player award (MVP).

This was only the start of Steph Curry who a year later not only won his first NBA championship against rivals, the Cleveland Cavaliers, he became the first unanimous MVP in the history of the NBA. Time after time, Steph Curry has proven his doubters wrong and showed players, former players and the media that you don’t have to be a physical specimen like Lebron James to be a superstar in the league.

Stephen Curry is a transcendent player and has forever revolutionised the culture of the NBA. He has shown young kids all over the world that you can still be that skinny kid who can shoot and become a 2-time champion and the face of one of the biggest sports in the world. I guess it's not so bad being Steph Curry.




The Magic and Marvel of Steph Curry