Hi all, I was at CFJ until the summer. I originally applied for the Daily Mail's trainee scheme (closes in Feb) but now work at MailOnline. Their own trainee scheme closes on the 26th October. http://sandsmediaservices.blogspot.com/2018/10/mailonline-recruiting-tra... All i can say is that it is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to work for a company which can still afford to invest in you. The job is very different to the paper (more desk based and faster paced) but well worth applying for in its own right. The eventual role would see you essentially be a reporter and a sub editor all in one because you have to sub your own work and it goes live to millions. The scheme includes training with the legendary Peter Sands (who does a news quiz each Friday which is accessible to all on his website) and a placement at both a daily newspaper and a news agency. You're then full time at MailOnline from February. I'm currently on placement at the Liverpool Echo, working as a reporter. For anyone who wants to get in touch, they can do at: harryhoward130@gmail.com. Thanks and good luck. P.s. when you're sent out to cover your first real event, or do your first death knock you'll look fondly back on this course and think "I wish I was back in the MA newsroom with cuddly Rob." I know you don't believe me, but it is true.

MailOnline trainee scheme - CLOSES 26TH OCTOBER