The Sun's Madonna scoop yesterday led conference into a discussion about change pages, when newspapers rush to change their editions printed later in the evening after they've been outscooped by a rival's first edition.

We were surprised that the Daily Mail had apparently ignored The Sun's splash, assuming that our newsroom copy would not be an early edition. Today Kelsey proved that assumption wrong by bringing in her mum's copy, which was a late edition - and which had changed pages 1 and 3 to accommodate the Madonna story. Click the first image below to see the pages in a slideshow.

 The Mail's first, Madgeless, editions

The later edition, now with news of Madonna

As it happened the early page 3 already had a Madonna story - albeit a rather tame one about her shoes

The new page 3 now leads on the divorce, with the shoes as a captioned inset



Well done Kelsey et al who thought the edition was different in the first place. Though, it proves Chatham is an insignificant area to live in...which I've thought for years :).

....But probably accurate :D haha

Mail's Madge change