At this point, I have no idea how and why are several newspapers/sources not covering this:

It's an Interfax report of an attack on the EU observers, a local governor and several escorting policemen. One casualty, the governor Gia Mebonia (a democratically elected district representative, a high-up in a sense), and several injured. A complete planned and well-executed (if we believe Interfax), guerllia-tactic attack from the bordering country - Abkhazia. Who, as we know, is strongly supported (more like controlling, some would say, but who am I to comment on that) by the Russian Federation. 

Weird thing is that no major newspaper/source has even had a small article about it. Google finds only some Asian marketnews website, a couple of blogs and Interfax website. The Interfax text was released on Saturday, aprox 1600.

Just throwing this idea out there. Just because people dont work on Saturday?

Media blackout?