California based artist, Michael Lipsey, is on a mission to expose society through his art. Lipsey makes his artwork relatable, at times philosophical and other times, both. In his art, he deals with many issues an average person has to deal with, such as what people complain about, thoughtfulness and human relationships. He is an epigrammatist and has published two books of original epigrams which have been hugely successful and he is currently working on a third. On an unrelated note, he also has a book on the history and culture of the plumbing industry in the works which is tentatively titled ‘Kitchen Sink Confidential’. 

Lipsey is very active on social media as he posts on his Tumblr blog and Twitter daily. On these platforms, he likes to share with fans his new artwork - occasionally providing an insight to his life. He also has his own website which is more focused on his writing but many artworks can also be found. His username for Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram is @stoicmike

In his art, he writes a short epigram in either a speech or thought bubble, for example - "You don't have to be a great thinker to be a thoughtful person.". The background is typically a rough sketch of a landscape using oil paints. Then he either draws on or graphically edits on a figure or a face. This gives the painting a more creative and metaphorical feeling, one that seems barely finished and as though the background could look like any terrain on Earth, it also gives it an “out of this word” vibe. This could be a metaphor for where your mind goes when your body is stationary. 

Though he has been living in California for the past 40 years, his Chicago roots tend to show through in his art and writing. Chicago is known as a city that doesn't waste words, Lipsey has obviously picked up that trait. In his art and writing he uses the motto - less is more. 

Lipsey has said in his website that the third epigram book he is currently working on, may well be his last but his fans need not fear as he intends to continue to illustrate epigrams using his unique style.

Michael Lipsey - the artist who strips society down to what it truly is