Last Wednesday Medway netballers took on Thames Valley in what proved to be one of the most successful matches in the BUCS league yet.

After a solid 37-7 win at the University of the Arts in London a few years ago we thought it probably couldn't get much better. However, this week's whitewash has meant that whilst we previously sat in 5th position, we have now sky rocketed up the ladder.

The game began with some concern as only one ref showed up, meaning that if the other team wanted to, they could play under protest and win anyway. Their coach looked like the kind of woman who might just do that. Fortunately, she seemed to have no idea of the kind of power she possessed and after a 2 goal lead in the first quarter, we were well on our way to gaining the goal difference we needed to propel ourselves to the top.

The thrashing continued as the unlucky Thames Valley seemed to be powerless to stop the Medway force sweeping up and down the court. Every time the ball managed to get anywhere near to their goal, the shooter would fumble, losing the ball to foot work, another chance slipping through their fingers. In her defense, when she did get the ball her shots seldom missed. Unfortunately for them, our shooter and goal attack didn't either.

Overall it was a brilliant match. Not one where everyone is on edge because the score is too close for comfort, but enjoyable all the same.

The final score was 72-10. For those who know few or no rules of netball, like football each goal is worth only one point.

With only two games left in the season lets hope we can show the world, or at least South-East England "how we do it."


"Overall it was a brilliant match. Not one where everyone is on edge
because the score is too close for comfort, but enjoyable all the same."

Maybe I should have used this bad boy in my bias essay haha.

Did Thames Valley say it was a brilliant match also?

Well Done though! 


p.s - Did anyone see our very own Tim Luckhurst on South East today? I sure did! Seems the BBC like that street in Chatham. 

You can see Tim on the South East Today website giving an insight in to the declining newspaper industry in the South East.

Click on the latest programme in full and fast forward to 10:13 mins.

Tim's right about the online stuff, as we've learnt in History of Journalism. The only hope for local papers is that there will be enough people who are keen on knowing about local fetes and activities within news in briefs on these sorts of issues.

But with the current generation less interested (or seemingly) in old traditional past times and such, newspapers are losing a lot of their revenue from this in my opinion. But, there is hope, as local government issues are still widely reported in papers like the Kent Messenger and in Adscene papers. However, will people just turn to these stories online, rather than buy a paper for them.

Sorry Kat to turn this into an article about Tim :(. It's a good report on netball by the way. I think I should just do a separate thread on this maybe, as it's a good issue.

PS Rob, haha the reason they like using that road, is because it's just outside the Radio Kent office (which used to broadcast from there until it moved to Tunbridge Wells) and it's near The Pentagon and the wonderful Peak House.

Lol yes, yes they did. Just as well I never claimed to be impartial then eh? Tim on the news? No i missed that! Should Youtube it later though :P

Mighty Medway obliterate Thames Valley