I was reading the paper the other day and a funny story caught my eye.

Mills & Boon, the publishers of numerous romantic novels are to team up with the Rugy Football Union to publish a series of books (eight to be precise) that will feature Rugby players and their various squeezes.

At first I though it was some sort of joke, but it appears as if they are deadly serious.

"Our mission statement is to do for rugby what Jilly Cooper did for polo - to give it an air of sexiness and glitz and glamour," said series editor Jenny Hutton.

"You don't have to like rugby to like the books," added Clare Somerville, Mills & Boon's sales and marketing director. "They've got all the elements of a quintessential Mills & Boon romance: jet-set locations, hunky alpha male heroes and hot sex, but in a rugby context."

The first book is called The Prince's Waitress Wife, which features a sex scene in the president's suite at Twickenham. A later title, The Ruthless Billionaire's Virgin has the heroine sing the national anthem but suffer an unfortunate 'wardrobe malfunction'. But not to worry, the dashing hero with cauliflower ears saves the day and all is well with the world.

The question is, will it get women interested in Rugby? Perhaps a more pertinent question to ask is does anyone even read Mills & Boon?

Personally, I haven't sampled the delights of a Mills and Boon book, have you?

Mills & Swoon