"China's Media Go Global" is the latest book by the University of Westminster's Daya Thussu, which has just been published and is out now. Co-edited with Professor Hugo De Burgh and Professor Anbin Shi of Tsinghua University, the collection "brings together distinguished scholars from China and those with deep interest and knowledge of the country, to examine how the emergence of Chinese media will impact on global media and communication." The book is published by the Routledge.

Daya Thussu is a Professor of International Communication and Co-Director of the India Media Centre based at the University of Westminster. His previous publications include the 2015 book "Mapping BRICS Media" and the 2013 book "Communicating India's Soft Power: Budda to Bollywood".

"China's Media Go Global" consists of of four chapters:

I- Conceptualising the rise of China's Media
II- Chinese media abroad
III- Discourses of Sino-globalisation
IV- Media with Chinese characteristics

Prof. Colin Sparks, Chair of School Research Postgraduate Studies Committee at the Department of Hong Kong Baptist University describes the book as "invaluable to anyone researching or teaching about contemporary China, international communication, and international relations more generally".

I made my first contact with Prof Thussu during the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum 2015 in Bonn. The prolific academician and author had previously taught at Goldsmiths, University of London and Coventry University.

For more details, or to request a copy for review, please contact Jennifer Vennall, editorial assistant at Taylor & Francis eBooks. She can be reached at jennifer.vennall@tandf.co.uk

New Release : "China's Media Go Global"