News Munch is a panel-led news programme, which highlights weird and offbeat stroies from around Kent.

It's hosted by Jayesh Fernando, who is joined by two panelists to discuss each package. The show is split into two 12 minute segments, comprised of two packages and discussions for each. Each package is shot on location and explores a topic or story with interview from guests that help add to it.

I.E, Medway Antique & Collectors Club were interviewed to help illustrate why people collect things, based on a story of an Osama Bin Laden Matchbox Label at a matchbox label society event in Detling prior. 

Jayesh and the two panelists then discuss the story, using the story itself and other information they've researched or have knowledge of. 

The show also features a brief minute and a half bulletin looking at off beat stories from around the world. 

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