It appears that today I have finally lost my sanity. Or is it still there, hiding under layers of Christmas chubbiness, and it is in fact just a couple of journalists making me frown?

Page 18 of the Telegraph today contains Bryony Gordon’s Notebook. I really wish it didn’t. She has decided to ramble on about Twitter and how it is, in her opinion, although she doesn’t ‘understand what this “twitter” thing is’, a waste of space. Sort of like your column then, love.

Why is she bothering to write a useless rant (like I am...) when she hasn’t bothered to understand how it works. I think the word “ignorant” fits in nicely.

Surely as journalists, we shouldn’t snub this website, which keeps on finding its way into the news for being the first place a story breaks. (Sorry Sky!) A clear example – Mumbai.

But then has this woman who claims she is addicted to programmes like X-Factor ever even heard of Mumbai?! Okay, maybe I’m being a little harsh. Read it for yourself. You’ll also get her little rant on touch screens at the end – another enlightening read.

Oh but there’s more… A Guardian blog by Steven Wells. He’s decided we need to make the guitar easier to play. Sort of like how they’ve made NME (he used to write for them) easier to read by turning it into a picture book magazine. Next week he might suggest cutting a piano in half to give it less keys. I can’t wait.


Wow that Bryony Gordon article really annoyed me!!! Grr!

I've been on Twitter for a few months now, and find it close minded is he!? I do agree with some of his points, such as how useful is it really to know that Stephen Fry is moving from one remote island in the South Pacific to the next. Not very. Cool, but not very useful.

However, I was recently added by a group called BNOnews, who do give excellent news when I check my emails late at night, I can just as easily sign in to Twitter to see in block capitals that there's been an air strike in Gaza, or an earthquake in Indonesia. The facts get refined, but 5 mins after the event, I know something's happened. I read a great article in The Telegraph just after Christmas, saying that 'to the un-trained eye Twitter will just appear to be an over-complex mass of Facebook statuses'. The writer went onto say that this new technology would revolutionise would just have to sift through the jumble. I agree, and urge Mr Gordon to read this article...

PS..sorry for the essay for a comment :S


He's a she! :D Can you link me to the article?!

I made myself an account the other day, but I then found out that none of my friends have it! I'll log on tomorrow and hunt you down!


This is the article from The Telegraph...I really enjoyed it!

I agree, I find the both the problem and the upside is that so little of the people of our age have it. It seems to be pretty big in the States though...worryingly because their big technologies often come over here in 6 months time. I've tried adding some of my favourite columnists such as Simon Barnes and Simon Hughes, but theyre not on yet. Mr Clarkson is though :)

I've never been a fan of Clarkson! However if James May is on there...

I need to have a proper look at it sometime tomorrow.

Who knows maybe we'll even replace Facebook with Twitter to converse across the newsroom! 

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