So Barack Obama is the new President Elect, has defeated the gloomy threat of aMcCain/Palin presidency and brought change not only to America, but, if I understand today's headlines of newspaper web pages correctly, to all of us.

I am certainly glad that Obama has won the race, and I do think that the election of a black president is a major, one can really call it an historic step towards the US overcoming racial barriers, a step that those who fought for civil rights forty years ago would probably not even have dreamed of - until Obama burst on the scene.

That is why,in my opinion, one of the best images of the election night is that of Rev Jesse Jackson, one of the legends of the struggle for civil rights, who was so overwhelmed by the Democratic candidate's victory that tears were streaming down his face.

(And apart from that - that picture of Sarah Palin, standing next to John McCain and trying not to cry as the Republicans had to admit that they had lost the race, brought a strange, satisfied grin on my face.)

I'm sure that Obama has a lot of great ideas for the future and will recruit able people to help him pursue his aims for America but, although I hope that Obama will be able to bring some change to the US (possibly even to the rest of the world aswell), I am a bit reluctant to view him as that kind of almost messianic figure that some may see him as.

He will face some severe challenges once he will be inaugurated as President in January, and it will take a lot of determination and cohesion of the whole of America to find solutions for the country's problems.

One the other hand, with all the support Obama has gained during this campaign, there seems to be no way of stopping him now and I'm really looking forward to see what he will be able to accomplish.


Obama's Victory and Palin's Tears