The issue of the Israeli and Palestinian conflict started since 1948 when the State of Israel was created. Though, Jewish Israelis believe that the territory that is Israel is occupying was the homeland of the Jewish people for over three thousand years. The Palestinians on the other hand have been living in what is now west bank and occupied Israeli territory for centauries and believe that their state should be on the borders of pre-1967 war. This conflict that has been going on for decades and is a very contentious one. Each side not giving an inch to the other because they believe it goes against their belief, their identity.

Thousands if not hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost due this conflict. With each war it seems none of the sides understand why they should just give peace a chance maybe. With years of conflict and bitterness what you’re left with is Gaza an open prison, West Bank an almost occupied territory with everything from electricity to water and security being controlled by Israel and Israel itself in constant battle mode not knowing when the next barrage of rockets will come from Gaza and the spade of stabbings. Even though not internationally recognised Israel is still building settlement in West Bank with no sanctions whatsoever. Even in the Arab word there is less fervour regarding Israeli activity with the main reason being Iran. Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries are in a proxy war with Iran with some reports even suggesting that Israel and Saudi Arabia are working together behind the scenes regarding Iran.

Both Israel and Palestinians want all or part of Jerusalem to be their capital city. Jerusalem is the holy land to over 3 billion people worldwide and in Jerusalem comes the al Aqsa mosque and the wailing wall. Each side believing it to be their duty to protect their religious site.

Many people believe that President Donald Trump announcing Jerusalem to be Israel’s capital was a partisan move and something a negotiatiator between the two parties should not have done. But what these people don’t understand is Donald Trump laid bare what was obvious, that many countries hold the belief that if not all some parts of Jerusalem IS the capital city of Israel. Although voting overwhelmingly to oppose the announcement by Donald Trump in UN, some countries many powerful so to say such as Canada abstained from voting. Some countries even said they are discussing to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

So, what should be Palestine’s next move? What should Palestinians do to escape from suppression and Israelis from constant fear of terrorism. In my opinion which will be unpopular for many reasons as well as unachievable if I may say so myself, it’s only an opinion with the sole purpose being peace for the people on both sides.

I believe that in an ideal world the Palestinians should just give up trying to be an independent state and all the West Bank and Gaza to be merged into Israel to make a larger State of Israel. Reasons for such an extreme idea? Well, first and foremost the conflicts have been going on for decades and Palestine has been losing territory even if it’s not internationally recognised, there are settlements with hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens living in them. It would be impossible for them to be moved out. When settlers were removed from Gaza in 2005, the 8000-settlers’ compensation cost Israeli government almost a billion dollars. So, it is IMPOSSIBLE for the Israeli government to compensate hundreds of thousands of settlers. Basically, Palestine is losing both political and territorial ground. With International politics being more focused on North Korea and Palestine close allies busier with its proxy war with Iran.

Second reason, a State of Palestine would be Gaza 2.0. Why? Well there would be opposition on both sides from extreme groups who would not agree with the negotiation terms reached by Palestinians and Israelis, whatever the terms maybe. That is what happens with negotiation, you must compromise. When you compromise some people won’t be happy about that.  So, there would be conflict cross border and like Gaza, Israel with its great technological might would create the exact same blockade on the ‘State of Palestine’ as it does on Gaza. Now you may say well, there are other Arab countries in the middle East to help the State of Palestine economically. All I have to say about that is did any country help Gaza from its blockade?

The Third and one of the most important reason is Israel has a political system that is closest to democracy. In an Israeli State (I do realise it has to be a Jewish state) it would have a reasonable size of Muslim and Christian population. It does not have to be a secular state, it can be a Jewish state but one that is democratic and would allow everyone to be represented in Parliament. Israel on many occasion has said that religious site which belong to each religion would be run by their respective religion and there will not be state intervention on religious grounds.

I got this opinion when people and newspaper said online Israel is an Apartheid State or accused of being one. Which got me thinking, maybe like South Africa, Israel too can become a state that does not treat some of its citizens as second class. That maybe when it is one whole state, people won’t suffer on both sides of the conflict and when it is one state it can be sorted out much quicker and much easier. Now I know that there are still problems in South Africa, but change does not come overnight, it is a slow process but a slow process that is still thousands of times better than decades long conflict. They have been fighting for seventy years plus give the same amount of time trying to live peacefully together as one country. Because when I imagine an independent State of Palestine I fear for some stupid reason there would be conflict between the two countries and that fear comes when I see the conflict between Gaza and Israel.   

I know that this idea is impossible, and some might even be offended by it. And thinking over it again now that it is written I think it’s too idealistic and a bit stupid. But what I really wanted to say is that with each of my points my end reason was peace for the people on both sides. Something the negotiations seems to not be about as both sides are arguing without compromise for political gains. It is in most cases that government start wars and the people suffer and at the end people are used as bargaining chips.

So, I do hope that this conflict ends and ends peacefully because from the way things are going it seems this conflict could reach a hundred years and beyond.               

Palestine should just give up!