International attempts to secure the release of refugees from Libyan detention centres to Niger have come to a halt according to the UN refugee agency (UNHCR).

A senior official from the UN agency told Members of European Parliament on 5th March that if more refugees and asylum seekers were not dispatched onwards from Niger to EU states, then the country may stop taking in people from Libya.

Since the beginning of this year, over 4,000 refugees have arrived in Italy according to official Italian Ministry of Interior figures.

A meeting was held in late February in Tripoli with members of EU, Africa Union, and the United Nations in attendance. The group also met with the Libyan foreign minister, deputy interior minister and others to discuss the refugee crisis.

Last year Social networking websites like Twitter have been flooded with footage showing black Africans being sold at auctions for as little as $400 in Libya. The appalling footage sparked outrage across the world last year leading to protests in Paris, London, and Pretoria.

Protesters in London marched outside the Libyan embassy on December 9th demanding that the embassy immediately intervene and put an end to the human rights violations. Protesters marched holding up signs with slogans like “Black African Lives Matter Too” and “Black African People are Human Beings and not slave property”.

I would talk to charities attempting to secure the release of refugees and I would contact the government to see what is currently being done.

Refugees still stuck in Libya