Did anyone hear about the man who stitched his mouth shut to avoid being sent back to Iraq? This treatment of rejected asylum seekers is horrific. Clearly people who beat themselves unconscious and stab themselves in the stomach (same article) have a reason to be afraid of being deported.

I think this is appalling. Ian Duncan Smith is right to say that failed asylum seekers should be allowed to work, the whole process is a shambles. When Laura and I saw Nick Clegg speak last week, he had similar views on this issue.

Another glorious New Labour legacy.


in that they should be allowed to work to help support themselves. I just wonder how many would be exploited by their employer in some way or another.

It's also a tad interesting when the Home Office are calling this a waste of tax payer's money. I can't help but think of £30,000 going down the drain on flip flops... 

LET GO of the flip flops! Haha.

a serious topic, Nick!

p.s. onto another of my favourite topics... Guess who sweet talked their way into getting a photo pass for Kerrang's Radio Xmas gig this year? And then guess who is playing?  

Refused asylum seekers