There's a copy of this book at the Maritime Greenwich campus but it's reserved until the 16th of december or something. I was wondering if it's anyone on this course and if so whether I'd be able to have a look at it some time this week. Cheers everyone, good luck!


...but I have a copy of Valentine Cunningham's Spanish Civil War Verse?

I'm almost through with it (it's quite interesting but to be honest it's not really anything about correspondents), so if anyone wants it from Monday on, just let me know.

I've ordered a book, called The impact of the Spanish Civil War on Britain or something like that by Tom Buchanan. The second chapter (which I stumbled across on google books and is there in its entirety) is about George Steer. I don't even know why I bought it really, I'm just reading madly at the moment.

Anyway, anyone's welcome to look at that when I get it (hopefully before Friday).

Ok well I'm screwed, everyone seems to have very extensive bibliographies, clearly I suck. I would be interested to see that one on George Steer though if possible. :D

I think I'll be in Sarah's marathon, I mean lecture, when it comes though. Which means pick it up from the post office on Wednesday.

The whole chapter is on google books though, seriously, and I'm going to ask Tim about referencing it tomorrow.

but I am the person that's been hogging it all this time. I did intend to read it ages ago, but as usual my intentions never materialised. Shamefully I still haven't read it, so if you want to borrow it I'm always in the newsroom around 8.15am. I'm not about in the afternoons this week, but I guess if you need it for longer I'll let you have it monday evening. >.< I'll switch it for the night if I can borrow your copy of We Saw Spain Die? 

I should be done with it by Wednesday, I'll let you know and bring mine in if I am.

No need to say sorry, by the way. I've had copies of books for weeks now. I'll be taking some back before Friday though if I can get it done by Wed/Thurs night.

I bought the Short Introduction to the Spanish Civil War if anyone wants to borrow that, I'm pretty much done with it and would lend it for a night or two.

The reservation on The Spanish Front - Valentine Cunningham