Normally the ramblings of my nan have no particular significance or effect on my life, however this one struck a chord as it is an issue which may effect my baby sister. Now if you know me well, you will know that I do not react well to things which could hurt her and this is why the increasing amount of sexual violence and bullying in schools has me concerned.

The Daily Mail yesterday reported a piece which was written about the Panorama programme to be broadcast that night, looking some at worrying statistics involving school bullying. One case of a 15 year-old girl being forced to perform sex acts on boys of a similar age in a school classroom was particularly shocking, as once the girl had left the school she was given no support to be home schooled, this benefit was only available for the boys who assaulted her, not for their victim. Another example stated that a girl of five years-old was locked in a classroom and sexually assaulted by another pupil.

The article, written by the show's host Jeremy Vine, outlines a myriad of ways in which students taunt and as outlined above, physically harm eachother sexually.

Now I would be interested to hear from the lecturers and the students alike on this issue regarding your experiences at school, as I don't know about anyone else's experience but I have never witnessed the kind of verbal/physical bullying that goes on in these places at either of the schools I have attended. Sure when you enter year seven you learn things you'd never even heard before, but this is pretty much par for the course when children from miles around all congregate at the one school. However, now it seems the age at which children are learning about sex acts has reached an all time low, a worrying idea at best.

This is where my personal fear creeps in. I have spent many a year trying to protect my sister from the nasty things that go on in this world, yet it has taken me until now to realise I am fighting a losing battle. In a world where every second word in a song is about sex and variations there upon, or where the majority of films have some sort of sex scene, or at the least several innuendos, I think it has become too easy for kids to know about things that are far beyond their years.

I remember once a couple of years ago when she was 12, I was in my last year of school and she had just started year seven. One day after P.E, she came home and said that one of the boys in her class had gone past with his group and muttered something about Becca having a "nice rack". Of course they did the boy thing, high fiving eachother and laughing, leaving her and her friend completely confused. So when she asked my dad and I what that meant, we looked at eachother, my dad looking awkward and bewildered urging me to take this one, I replied; "A know, like for your spices." She clearly knew I was lying, but thank God made nothing of it. A similar thing happened slightly earlier than this when she asked my dad what S&M meant when she heard it used on Desperate Housewives, his reply was; "juice, a brand of juice," and she accepted it, whilst I reeled in shock from the outright lie he had just told her.

Evidently my attempts to shield her mind from some of the more grotesque aspects of life have proved futile, as she is about to re-enter an education system where it appears many girls are treated as the sexual play things of boys and forced to perform acts they should'nt even be considering at their age.

All I want for her is for her to be safe and happy, but it seems even the walls of the local school cannot protect you from harm in these perilous times.





I was never targeted by bullies at school, but then seeing as I was a twin I imagine it was somewhat different. You'd have to be a tad silly to start on one and not expect the other to appear! And although George is older than me (20 minutes) I guess I looked out for her. In fact I think at times she blamed me for scaring all the boys off her - I couldn't let my sister catch cooties! 

Oh and I just read the article - I'm slightly skeptical about whether songs with the word "sex" in are to blame. Or maybe I just listen to a different type of music, because all I can think of at the moment is "your sex is on fire". I'm also not convinved by "And magazines have things at the back for positions, and things to do with sex." Because girl magazines, correct me if I'm wrong, don't contain such things. As for woman's magazines they aren't hidden at the back. 


You can't blame songs necessarily no, but they do contribute to a large sex culture that shapes young minds. Female magazines often do have these sort of things actually, the Australian Cosmopolitan and a teenage girl mag called Dolly regularly have suggestions for girls on the ways they can please men, disturbing much?

I've never seen that in a teenage magazine here. I might have to take a trip to the shop tomorrow and see if they've really changed since my days. (Oh dear, I sound like my Grandma!) 

As for music - it's not like we're all popping pills even though we grew up with D12's Purple Pills! 

Tic Tacs perhaps...

I believe there are too many teen movies, gangster rap songs and pornography publications of which people can be exposed to and I suppose it is our job as adults (when dealing with youngsters) to keep their minds clean and pure and let them find out for themselves when they're older and not be told by others (ie bullies).

However it is very difficult to stop such people, whether it be bullies, musicians, film producers from swearing, making suggestive comments about lollipops and candy shops a la 50 Cent, or from kids watching films like Superbad, 40 Year Old Virgin when they're so easily accessible. But, I definitely agree it is our job to help soften the impact emotionally towards young children.

Good article.

Sexual bullying: a testament to our times?