Next weekend, Frank Lampard will play again at Stamford Bridge but in a different shade of blue.

If  you had asked my 11 years old self, I would have thought this moment impossible. This is a player I idolised, a man I hopelessly tried to emulate to the nth degree when playing football, his box to box mentality, his late runs into the box and embarrassingly even the way he jogs with his tightly fastened to the outside of his chest. To see Lampard on any opposing team would have boggled my mind.

After his contract expired in the Summer it was announced that he had joined the Manchester City owned club New York FC, I was pleased, pleased that he wouldn't gift any  other side with his talent, pleased that he couldn't possibly create the illogical tear in my mind between my team and wanting him to succeed.

He joined Manchester City on what was meant to be a six month loan deal and immediately I felt dread. It's sods law that he would score against us and that he did on the 21st September costing us three points in what should have been a rousing success. What I didn't predict though was how many times he'd do this, he has rescued City multiple times this season and without him they would be seven points worse off, and possibly putting our man title rivals out of the race before all we'd even taken our Christmas trees down.

But now it seems Lampard has reneged on his promise, by signing an extension with Manchester City and with many reports saying the deal for New York was never even in place this year, it has made me question the loyalty of a player who made me fall in love with football. Is it really all about the money? Is it all about success in any form even away from the capital?

Although with Chelsea's potentially biggest fixture of the season looming, I feel I should be more aggrieved. I am excited to see the man I once wrote a 5 page story on at ten years old return for another club, a man who was a key factor in the revolution of Chelsea football club.

I do see why some fans are angered by the confusion and potential lies told by Frank and City themselves, before he left he said he would never play for another English team, but no player, after all the work and success they brought to a club over his 13 year career, who are we to say he doesn't deserve that one last shot at glory (and another substantial payday).

So is Lampard having the potential to dent our title hopes again after raising them for so many years a problem for me? Ask me on Sunday.



Should an old friend become a new enemy?