Well Arriva have the answer.


What could possibly say 'I love you' better than a stinking bus? The love bus as the company have dubbed it has been set up for couples who want to express their love on Valentines day, with the specific intention of helping customers pop the all-important question (see picture). How ingenious! Just imagine  the reactions of all the blushing brides-to-be when they see the number 1 trundling along ready to whisk them off to paradise. Apparently its recognised as Grays now.

So forget the chocolates and the cinema and buy a rover ticket instead.


You know the bus would be late. I think there might be nicer places to take someone on Valentines day somehow. Being proposed to on a bus covered in other people's chewing gum and smelling of stale sweat isn't attractive. Sorry if I just ruined that for any of you...

For those of you not feeling the love bus - come with me to the pub to watch the rugby. Now there's an offer you can't refuse!

I'll be sorting through the avalanche of cards and gifts i'll inevitably recieve.

I would not be impressed by a Valentine's Day on the bus lol now getting some expensive make up maybe...

there Kat! You might as well have said it outright!

On the other hand, I'm totally gutted that no one took my rugby offer up. Hello microwave meal for one! 


I didn't realise you needed the company so much and that you enjoyed rugby so much. At least though you can eat all the food yourself - plus if it's one of those curries from Tesco, it's worth it (despite the amazing amount of salt content used!).


that was what I got for Christmas, maybe valentines day I will get a yacht or something :p

as a bride than to wait the typically unbelievable/incomprehensible 10-25 minutes in the cold wind and pouring rain for the 166 Arriva service on Lordswood Lane, Chatham, to then be whisked off to the church by the Kestrel Shopping Centre just up the road from me and indulge in chavs, graffitti and modified Vauxhall Novas in endless supply!

This is quite frankly hilarious from Arriva. As a regular bus user to uni, maybe they should concentrate on getting better (and bigger) buses and ones which run on time. Perhaps I should just learn to drive...no I'm a scrounging northerner, what do you expect? haha.

Stuck for ideas on Valentines day?