So, last week was my induction week for the MA course in multimedia journalism here at Kent. Deciding to embark on this nine or so months of intensity was probably the hardest decision of my life.
Earlier in the year, I thought I'd made my mind up about studying political theory at York. I'd even started looking at accommodation. Yet, a nagging feeling prevented me from immediately accepting the offer of a place, and so I prevaricated for several months. 
At some point in July, I had a sudden thought that perhaps there were still places available on the MA here at the Centre for Journalism. I've always wanted to be a writer, and I've spent three years in student journalism, so although I'd briefly considered coming to the Centre earlier in the year when I first looked at the course, this time - when I discovered that there were still places available - I was more serious. 
However, even after attending the interview in mid-August, and being offered a place, for a couple of weeks I still agonised over whether or not I was making a good choice. Prior to the induction week just gone, I felt as though I was making the right decision, but also that it was just a necessary one for me to get the skills I needed to go into the industry, and that I might not 'enjoy' it as much as something more academic.
Yet now here I am, at the end of the 'first' week and now surer than ever that I've found firm ground after that leap in the dark. I've made good friends in just five days, the facilities are amazing, and the tutors are brilliant. Part of my reasoning for doing the course was to break down my mild fear of TV and radio. On Thursday, we had to shoot and edit 'video diaries' to get acclimatised to the equipment. Several of my course mates seemed just as anxious as I had been about the prospect, and yet we all seemed to thoroughly enjoy the experience! 
Indeed, I'm now actually more than a little excited about experiencing more of the adrenaline rush of going outside my comfort zone and living to tell the tale! Something tells me that, from day one on Monday, that's exactly what's going to happen. 

Thrown in the not so deep end