Travelling is something that I have never regretted. Being half Chinese, half Thai and born and raised in England I have had the pleasure of mixing different cultures together to create what makes me. I’m able to connect with three different countries and feel apart of each single one  showing me what a large world we live in, yet I have barely scratched the surface of it. 


What makes travelling so great? This Huffington Post article lists the fundamental points of travelling: challenging your ignorance of the world, finding the thrill of being alive and I type this, I want you all to know I am cringing at every key I press to write - to find yourself. 


Gag, I know. I guess a better way of saying it would be bettering yourself, no matter how old we are we can and always should look to improve. Travelling helps us grow like that, no longer the highlight of our night will be the Eastenders/Hollyoaks/Coronation Street next twist to reveal did so and so murder so and so, or the amount of jaegerbombs you were able to consume for a fiver in a club you wouldn’t be caught dead in. 


It could be what foods to eat at the night markets in Thailand, where to set up your tent to watch the Northern lights, how the Sistine chapel took your breath away, how funny visiting a Maid Cafe in Japan was, or how many jaegerbombs you were able to consume for a fiver - on a beach. 


I’m not saying you need to prepare for a 5-month pilgrimage and stay in pound-a-night hostels, nor am I saying that you need to build wells and an orphanage from scrap (however I have plenty of friends who did both). You can be inspired and gain snippets of culture here and there for two weeks to three days, if you can immerse yourself in a country’s culture you will benefit from it. 


People may say that it’s a waste to be so idealistic and it’s a waste of money to be spending on such trips. Those people clearly never left their front room let alone the country. Such trips made me realise that there’s nothing wrong with eating on the side of the road with my bare hands, or that people are friendlier than you think and help you get off an island you have no idea how you got lost on. 


I would go as far to say that travelling will be the one thing you will truly regret not doing, so challenge yourself and go.