Being a student who has decided to live at home, is not a bad thing, and is a common way of affording university, but I would like to share a little bit of my experience, being one of those students. 

 To begin with, The University of Kent is 20 minutes away from my house, it seems amazing, I can commute with ease, not pay rent and even have the privilege of having a bath as well as a shower, but do not be fooled it is not all the glitz and glam that it appears to be. 

Living at home for Uni is fine, but if you have parents like mine, or a family dynamic like mine, then uni life from home becomes exceedingly difficult. My mum, is what some would describe as, over protective. Being the eldest girl and the first to go to university, my whole family were excited, nervous and a little naive about what kind of experience it would be. Now for some students who live at home,its okay they can rush through essays from the comfort of their bed, in their cosy home, for me this is not an option with the dog barking, my little sister pleading for me to play schools for just 10 more minutes , my younger brother screaming at his friends on the xbox to 'pass the ball!', my house is not an environment where an academia can evolve. If you are a student reading this, then I am sure that you will understand the value of time and how much of it we waste and so 24 hours before the deadline we have still only written 500 words for  3000 word essay, all I want to do is sit in the library with your headphones on , surviving the night on energy drinks and junk food just so you know that by 1am you have managed to complete that god awful assignment. For most this is the norm, for me trying to explain to my mum that I am going to be at the library to do my work is like trying to get through who wants to be a millionaire without getting any questions wrong, and I don't get the advantage of the phone a friend option.

All of a sudden it begins.The interrogation. Where are you going? -  just to the library to get some work done 

Why? At this time Jess? - because I have a very important assignment to do that is due tomorrow. 

I don't believe you. You really should get some sleep. Your body is like a car if you don't fuel it properly it will break down. Is that where are you really going? - Yes mum, I know, but it is an assignment due tomorrow that I need to get done, yes I really am going to the library. 

The cycle continues.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love my mum more than anything in the universe, she is the biggest inspiration in my life and has a heart of gold. I know all of this comes from a place of love and care and all she wants to do is make sure I am healthy and doing well. But for those students who live away from home, I am sure the experience is very different. Some may say better, some may say worse. 

I love my situation, being around my family and enjoying home comforts, but when it is time to focus it can be a little difficult. I mean at the end of the day my Mum is right, she always is, I probably shouldn't leave things until the last minute, and I probably should eat properly and get 8 hours sleep a night, but this is not as simple as it seems. 

I suppose what im trying to say is that it is great living at home, but I wonder what it's like to have all the independence that comes with moving away, and not having to explain everything you do. 

And don't get me started on when I want to go out and get drunk.

That is a whole new level of who wants to be a millionaire. 


Truths of a student who still lives at home.