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Glossary of Broadcast Terms

Pictures cut to words read by a presenter

ITV: Ulay
BBC: OOV (Out of vision) Sky: LVO (Live voice over)

Edited pictures rolled over a live report or interview

ITV: Float, Ulay
BBC: Float
SKY: OLAY (Overlay)

Soundbite run after a ulay or alone – but not contained within a report

BBC: Clip, ACT (Actuality) SKY:Grab

Report of any duration which is edited before transmission and voiced by a reporter

ITV: Package, VT, Report
BBC: Wrap (short esp radio) Package, VT SKY:Package, VT

Previously transmitted footage which is available for re-use

ITV: Archive, Library, ITN Source BBC: Library
SKY: Library

Compilations of library material for particular subjects (e.g. traffic congestion)

ITV: Stock shots, clip reel BBC: Stock shots
SKY: Library

Footage shot to illustrate general themes (e.g. traffic congestion) rather than specific objects or individuals
ITV: GVs (general views)


In-house archive research tool

ITV: Sigma, ITN Source
BBC: Research Gateway
SKY: Factiva (Newspaper archive); Ardome (pictures)

Word processing system for news running orders, planning lists etc

ITV: Avid iNews BBC: ENPS SKY: iNews

Technical hub for live broadcast and pre-recorded interviews to take place. Occupied by director, sound man, vision mixer, PA, producer

ITV: Gallery BBC: Gallery SKY: Gallery

Technical area where material is fed into and out of the building

ITV: Traffic, MCR (master control room) BBC: Hub

Reporter speaking straight to camera, recorded prior to transmission, as opposed to live
ITV: As-live
BBC: As-live

SKY: As-live

Screen behind presenters in the studio

ITV: Barco, Projector Shot BBC: Back projector
SKY Anamorphic(s)

A short story (around 20 seconds) with ulay and read by the presenter

ITV: Ulay. NIB (news in brief) BBC: Newsblock/NIB

Firm that provides subtitles for news

BBC: Red Bee Media

Graphic on screen giving information about a speaker or source of pictures. Usually one of two lines
ITV: Aston, Strap, Pixel, Motif, Super, CapGen
BBC: Aston

SKY: Supers, Astons

Graphic title heading strap over pictures

ITV: Strap
BBC: Lower third SKY Strap

Programme ident graphic

ITV: Bug BBC: Dog SKY: Ident

Full-screen (full frame) or split-screen (half or section of screen) graphic with a list of statistics (usually 3)
ITV: Bullet points
BBC: No specific term – varies dependent on usage

SKY:Key points

Live or pre-recorded interview with someone on the phone, covered by GVs or a graphic
ITV: Phono
BBC: Phono

SKY: Phono

Live or pre-recorded interview with a guest from another studio

ITV: Down the line, DTL BBC: Down the line, two-way SKY: Down the line, DTL

Filmed interview with a contributor

ITV: ENG interview
BBC: Recorded interview SKY: ENG

Methods of going live

Satellite Truck
Plug-in (a fixed live-point at a particular location into which the camera operator plugs his equipment)
SNG/Upod a form of satellite truck
Live-U – a laptop-size machine which allows lives using 3G signals
BGAN – a laptop-size machine which allows lives using satellite technology
DRC – digital remote camera – capable of lives within a short distance of studio.
BBC: iCav – a more compact, more basic satellite-delivery vehicle.

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Glossary of Broadcast Terms