I entitled my last post, 'thrown in the not so deep end'. Well, it turns out that the pool is actually quite deep! Here I am, after ten course days, feeling as though I've packed a whole undergraduate year's worth of learning into that short time, and yet I've remembered nearly everything. I think most others feel the same way. We've only had ten days of shorthand instruction, and we can all now write basic sentences. What an exclusive skill to have, an alien code that only someone who is 'one of us' can read!  So what I really meant was by the title of my first post was that, from the start, were comprehensively shown how to do everything we were being asked to do, before we had to go out and do it. Every leap out of the comfort zone was not a leap in the dark. 

At the beginning of last week, we were sent out to do voxpops. Our group of three decided to go and accost people outside Asda: 'Who do you think should be the next Prime Minister?' Responses ranged from the expletive laden rants about politicians in general, to stark warnings that it shouldn't be Jeremy Corbyn, and that if we young people think he's going to wipe all our student debt, we've got another thing coming. Another thing coming indeed, much like what Theresa May must have wondered midway through her conference speech. In all seriousness, we discovered that most people are very happy to talk to complete strangers and give you their names and even let you take a photograph; you just need to give them a reason to want to express an opinion, which apparently isn't that hard! 

We've also started on radio and radio editing and have, again, spoken to complete strangers as part of our first unassessed assignment. Everything has been a learning experience; the warnings that we would likely forget to press the record button twice on our dictaphones came true for me more than once. I had to stop people mid sentence and ask them to repeat themselves. I also never knew that recording a 'link' for the first time could be so nervewracking, even when you're just walking in the car park of Chatham Dockyard with no one except a poor machine to hear your inane mutterings.

So now, as I try to get better prepared for the forthcoming week than I was at the start of the last, I'm looking forward to whatever gets thrown at me, as I'm sure is everyone else! 


Voxpops, links, and approaching strangers outside Asda