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Reporting and Writing 1

The M was produced according to your brief, in a news conference on Tuesday, September 30.

Page 4 was led on a dental crisis for three year olds, chosen because of its stark warning to parents. The page template included space for a case study. We discussed the possibility of finding a parent to talk about their child's sugar intake and dental problems, which would have been a valid addition to the story. Another option was to speak to a dentist to get some additional context, explanation and advice about dental health for kids. The page also includes the opening of an inquest into the murder of local student Aiden Brunger - a very strong local story, which deserves to be used near the front of the paper - and a lighter story about wi-fi ignorance. The final page has a good mix of light and shade, local and national.

Page 5 is dominated by a picture of endangered wildlife, to illustrate a story about declining animal populations. It was the story with the best picture potential out of the 10 given to you, and you all identified it well. The page lead is about children being targeted with "revenge porn" - a shocking story which will horrify all parents, and a very worthy choice to lead a right hand news page.

Page 6 leads on the big local story of the week: the defection of MP Mark Reckless to Ukip. This story could have been a contender for the page 7 feature/vox pop slot with analysis of the story and a snapshot of public opinion. His disastrous first public appearance for Ukip in Rochester could have added some colour to the story. However, it also works as a straight news story. The pullquote chosen may be controversial: but The Times used it too. The downpage story is a mash up of the latest economy/housing reports - both worthy stories, but lacking the excitement or drama to make them good page leads.

Page 7 explains and analyses the big national political story of the day: David Cameron's pledge to extend GP opening hours. The page will be finished off with a voxpop on the same issue in the near future.

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